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M.E.S.H. - Scythians EP (PAN 52)
12”/DL out June 6th.

AS Bounty
AS Robot Labor Isn’t Working
AS Vandalism
AS New Metal Reprise
AS Creol
AS Mentally
AS Nam-Dub
AS Chem1
AS Limitless
AS Euro Trip
AS Spice Up!
AS Pressure Skit
AS Geowulf



GEN F: Deep thoughts on the dance floor with Dan Bodan

As a bookend to Renaissance Man’s Early Man EP reinterpretations Black Ocean is proud to present the M.E.S.H. Variations – two meditations on Hard Feeling that transform the original into two cinematic digital shisha lounge anthems.

This is a retroactive soundtrack to Silk Road, both the trade route and the market place; trip-hop smoothed out on a Byzantine tip with a psy-feel appeal to it; global beats for global headz.

*No Beat Is Illegal*

something new coming v. soon